Source On High believes a healthy body, mind, and spirit are essential components of a joyful life. S.O.H. offers Kentucky's first Float Center, multiple Wellness Therapies, and a variety of Movement Classes. S.O.H. is designed to enhance and support a variety of health concerns while promoting preventative care. With a comprehensive selection of healing services, classes, and products, we provide an optimal experience that suits individuals based on their current state of health. Our mission is to create a community of expert practitioners who support holistic wellness and are dedicated to professional, integrative medicine in the Lexington community.



Book two float sessions at the same time, and the second one is 1/2 off (a savings of up to $40)! Available in both 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. ONLINE SPECIAL EXTENDED TO 5/31, to be used by 6/30.

Restorative Yoga Workshop with Kirtan, May 25th, 7-9PM

We are so honored that these sessions have been popular! We booked our next workshop for Friday, May 25th. In restorative yoga, we sit or lay in our poses for an extended time period (5-10 minutes) to allow our body to sink deeper into a pose as we rest.

Romi Kalova and Joel DiGirolamo will enhance our workshop by providing Kirtan music—sound vibration to aid in sinking into relaxation. These chants, flowing from the voice, tanpura, and harmonium, are meant to harmonize with the vibration in each and every one of us. Register now, as these workshops always fill up quickly. Cost to register: $30/person

Internalizing Tai Chi Principles for Life Using Qigong and Tai Chi Partner Work, Saturday, June 16th, 2-4:30PM

Everyday Taiji Cooperative is proud to host a Seminar taught by Senior Master Rod Ferguson – National Chief Instructor Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong, and a Disciple of Grandmaster Gary Khor.

Master Rod will help us learn us how to internalize Tai Chi Principles for Life by teaching Tai Chi Shibashi, 5 Animals Qigong, and Tai Chi Principles partner work.

Cost to register: $30/person
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