Movement Studio

Drop In $15

5 class pass $60

10 class pass $100



At Source On High we offer classes six days a week. These can range from putting meditation in motion with Tai Chi, building your core with Glow Moves, or enjoying a playful practice at Family yoga. Our unique variety of classes offer a full spectrum of healing. 


Unwind Yoga & Body Rolling

9:30 am

Unwind Yoga moves slowly allowing the body to reset and balance. A style that incorporates propping and resting for longer periods to fully release tension and holding patterns. We introduce Body Rolling, a self massage that improves posture, range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility, alignment, and organ function. All materials are included. 

Meditation Group

8:00 pm

The Brick Sit House is a FREE, warm, secular meditation community open to anyone interested in living a happier, more authentic life. No Charge, no chanting, no bowing. If you've never sat with us please arrive 10 minutes early.



6:00 pm

Nia cardio dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes- body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

Glow Moves

5:30 pm

Experience a heated environment (80*) to practice a core building class that encompasses yoga asana and Pilates. This class is designed to invigorate and strengthen your body and mind while enjoying the benefits of the warmth to reduce muscle strain. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

NOTE: Intended for all levels.



5:30 - 6:45 pm

This 8-week series allows us to go further, deeper into the practice of 5 Element Wu Xing Qigong. Bringing awareness to the yang and yin, using color visualization and sound vibration, 5 Element Qigong allows deeper healing and connection. Let us explore, purify, and tonify the yin and yang aspects of our vital organs and meridians. Recognizing the human body’s cells, organs, and systems all producing light at varying hues, we will learn to use this light for medical treatment, spiritual practice, or greater sense of health and vitality. This same body also vibrates near 570 trillion times/sec. By enhancing the quality of different tones, we will enhance the quality and function of the body, mind, and spirit. From this qigong arises a more solid and skillful assimilation of the movements, colors, and sounds that are associated with the organs, meridians, emotions, and energetic fields of the body as they relate to 5 Element Qigong. Qigong, as a practice alone, or incorporated into one’s current health allows a clear experience of pure ‘Qi’, or the pure ‘Energy of life’. Questions you may have: What do I wear? Natural fibers are always best. Cotton, linen, etc. We want to avoid synthetic materials as they interfere with the exchange of Internal and External Qi (energy). Nylon, spandex, etc. is not ideal for Qigong..

Intro to Asthtanga Yoga and Mysore Practice


9:30 am

Viewed by some as the original Yoga, Asthtanga is rooted in a traditional approach which is to build strength, flexibility, stamina, and open the mind over time. This system is based on a set sequence of poses that students embody as a result of a consistent practice. The asana (poses) are coordinated with prana (breath) which can create a moving meditation. The asana are not complicated in this first series so mostly anyone can achieve a higher state of awareness by honoring their body and letting go of limitations to be present and receptive. 

Mysore- A quiet self practice for students who are familiar with the Ashtanga System/ sequence

Intro To Mindfulness Meditation


11:00 am -12:00 pm

Starting June 3rd.

This class will introduce students to the foundations of mindfulness meditation unbound from any religious tradition. Mindfulness fosters a vast array of real-world benefits, such as reduced anxiety, increased concentration and clarity, less stress, better sleep, deep equanimity, and healthier overall well-being.

This is a modern contemplative science rooted in rigorous Eastern meditative techniques and current Western empirical research. It allows us to explore our own consciousness, get to know ourselves at the deepest levels, and lead happier, more authentic lives.

At the end of an hour, participants will have learned the key skills of mindfulness, as well as how to create a reliable, transformative daily practice. There will be clear instruction, demonstration, a short period of meditation, and Q&A to ensure everyone’s understanding. This class is geared toward beginners as well as meditators experienced in other approaches who want to familiarize themselves specifically with mindfulness. Please dress comfortably.

Family Yoga

10:00 am

This is a family-centered practice! All ages are welcome at this one. The definitinon of "family" is whatever that means to you: could be moms, dads, kids, aunts, grandmothers, friends, ect. It is $5 per person. Looking forward to sharing this joyful playtime with you all!

Yang Family Style Tai Chi


Tai Chi is an old Chinese martial art? Qigong system that was created either in the 1600’s by Chen Wang-ting in the Chen Village, or by Chang San Feng in the 1200’s on Wu Tang (Wudang) Mountain after observing a confrontation between a snake and a crane (or eagle, or magpie). Taiji teaches us to use our whole body as a unit, and to use only as much energy as is needed to perform a movement. An attacker’s energy is redirected and/or returned to them instead of meeting force with force.

Taiji and other Qigong (Energy/Breath practice) systems promote good health, balance and relaxation (both physical and mental), along with qi development, storage & circulation. We will be practicing trdational Yang Family Taiji.