Source On High offers classes all throughout the week, as well as workshops. Our classes range from putting meditation in motion with Tai Chi, building your core with Glow Moves, creating balance with Unwind Yoga and Body Rolling, and more. Our unique variety of classes offer a full spectrum of healing through movement. All prices are the same, unless otherwise stated. Click here for information on our workshops and specials.


Unwind Yoga & Body Rolling

9:30 am

Unwind Yoga moves slowly, allowing the body to reset and balance. A style incorporating propping and resting for longer periods to fully release tension and holding patterns. Body Rolling is a self-massage that improves posture, range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility, alignment, and organ function. All materials are included. 


Mysore style Ashtanga yoga

6:00 pm

A quiet self-practice for students who are familiar with the primary series in the Ashtanga system and need little to no supervision. This open practice session is donation-based and help will be available if needed. Donations welcome.




Acro Fitness

6:00 pm

Learn skills from partner and solo acrobatics as you grow stronger and more flexible. We will guide you through proper physical techniques that will allow you to practice confidently and with ease. Get ready to feel the release of all your daily tension and the stretch of muscles previous neglected as your strength grows. No partner needed. All levels welcome.




Glow Moves

10:00 am

Experience a heated environment (80*) to practice a core building class that encompasses yoga asana and Pilates. This class is designed to invigorate and strengthen your body and mind while enjoying the benefits of a warm environment to reduce muscle strain. All levels are welcome and encouraged.



Intro to Astanga Yoga

9:30 am

Asthtanga Yoga is rooted in a traditional approach which is to build strength, flexibility, stamina, and open the mind over time. This system is based on a set sequence of poses that students embody as a result of a consistent practice. The asana (poses) are coordinated with prana (breath) which can create a moving meditation. The asana are not complicated in this first series so mostly anyone can achieve a higher state of awareness by honoring their body and letting go of limitations to be present and receptive. 



Yang Family Tai Chi

1:00 pm

Meditation in Motion. Yang style is characterized by large, slow, rounded, extended and open movements that flow seamlessly from one to the next without breaking one’s energy. Minimal physical force and tension is used. Tai Chi helps to improve balance, lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and improve posture, digestion, and sleep quality. Stretching muscles, ligaments, and tendons to improve body alignment and relaxation.

Drop In: $15

5 class pass: $60

10 class pass: $100

Movement Studio classes do not need to be booked online - you can drop in or bring your class pass to attend.
Some workshops will have online booking and will be noted accordingly.