Float Tanks

Give the gift of relaxation and peace! Some of the benefits of floating include pain/stress relief, improved athletic recovery, and better sleep!

You can order gifts at any amount! As a reference, here is some of the float tank pricing:
• 60 minute float - $60
• 90 minute float - $90
• Intro package - $160
(for first-time floaters - includes 1 90-min & 2 60-min floats)

Wellness Therapies and Classes

Massage is one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate as it promotes circulation, reduces tension, and helps to create a deep sense of body awareness. We have five different types of massage therapy: Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Thai, Reflexology, and Reiki.

Our classes and workshops range from Tai Chi, Meditation, building your core with Glow Moves, Body Rolling, and more. Our classes offer a full spectrum of healing through movement.


Electronic Gift Cards

Our gift cards can be ordered and emailed within minutes - perfect for a last-minute gift idea - whether you know exactly what you want to give, or if you’d prefer to choose an amount and let the recipient choose from among our float tank options, workshops, classes, massages and other wellness services, books, and more…

Best of all, you can order one today and schedule the delivery for a future date (and you won’t even miss an anniversary or birthday)!

If you prefer to print the gift information, once you order the digital gift card,
you can print out the confirmation page and give that to the recipient!