Friday, June 21, 7-9pm 

In restorative yoga, we sit or lay in our poses for an extended time period (5-10 minutes) to allow our body to sink deeper into a pose as we rest. Romi Kalova and Joel DiGirolamo will enhance our workshop by providing Kirtan music—sound vibration to aid in sinking into relaxation. These chants, flowing from the voice, tanpura, and harmonium, are meant to harmonize with the vibration in each and every one of us. These workshops always fill up quickly - register now!


Body Rolling Workshop

Saturday, May 18, 9:30-11:30am

Not all Body Rolling is created equal! Foam rollers and tennis balls are effective however limited compared to using many different sized balls in a pattern to address the entire body. Learn & experience the benefits of this approach incorporating breathing and using balls to release and restructure anatomical imbalances.

Some of the benefits you’ll learn include: positioning and patterning to promote muscle/tension relief, breath focus and control, extreme body awareness, and more. Empower yourself by gaining the insight to a self-healing technique that once you learn, you own.

Price includes use of workshop balls.