Yamuna Body Rolling-HIPS

An introduction designed to familiarize your body with Yamuna Body Rolling routines/method. We will begin to understand how restriction, pain and discomfort are caused by lack of space and with this unique work the goals are to create optimum space and stimulate bone throughout the body as this can help to restore full range of motion in all joints. This method incorporates the use of specific inflatable balls ranging in size from 6-10" and release by using the body's natural logic and order. When performed correctly, Yamuna's uniqueness educates each muscle worked in a routine to release and take it's optimal space, it is a mild form of weight-bearing exercise, increases metabolism, body awareness and much more. 

The goal of this workshop is to learn how to release your entire hip region. Supplies provided.



Friday, NOV 16th, 7-9pm 

In restorative yoga, we sit or lay in our poses for an extended time period (5-10 minutes) to allow our body to sink deeper into a pose as we rest. Romi Kalova and Joel DiGirolamo will enhance our workshop by providing Kirtan music—sound vibration to aid in sinking into relaxation. These chants, flowing from the voice, tanpura, and harmonium, are meant to harmonize with the vibration in each and every one of us. These workshops always fill up quickly - register now!