Introduction to Shamatha Meditation Workshop

Meditation is a practice that is accessible and beneficial to anyone. Beyond its well-known therapeutic benefits, such as relaxation and stress relief, meditation offers us an opportunity to pause and observe our mind in the present moment. As the mind settles, we can develop compassion and awaken inherent wisdom. Join us for a 90-minute workshop exploring the basics of meditation. In this workshop we will:
• Discover what meditation is and what it means to rest the mind in peaceful abiding (shamatha)
• Practice basic meditation techniques such as resting in open awareness, breath meditation, body meditation, & sound meditation.
• Discuss practical ways to begin and sustain a daily meditation practice
• Relax, Refresh, and Renew

The workshop will consist of talks on meditation, meditation instruction, periods of guided meditation practice, and group discussion. This workshop is ideal for both experienced meditators and those who are new to meditation. Come as you are!

Meditation cushions, chairs, yoga mats and blankets, and bolsters are available for the workshop. If you have your own meditation cushion, you are invited to bring it with you.

Workshop fee: $15



Friday, January 18th, 7-9pm 

In restorative yoga, we sit or lay in our poses for an extended time period (5-10 minutes) to allow our body to sink deeper into a pose as we rest. Romi Kalova and Joel DiGirolamo will enhance our workshop by providing Kirtan music—sound vibration to aid in sinking into relaxation. These chants, flowing from the voice, tanpura, and harmonium, are meant to harmonize with the vibration in each and every one of us. These workshops always fill up quickly - register now!