Source On High in BusinessLexington

Source on High is featured in the January 2018 issue of BusinessLexington, where our owner, Corinne LaReau, is on the front cover!

“For many, the office or workplace can be draining,” said Corinne LaReau, owner of Source on High, a local wellness center that works with businesses and organizations like the YMCA, Ronald McDonald House, the Uni­versity of Kentucky’s College of Nursing, Hyatt Regency, Sullivan University and the Lexington Humane Society, among others, to provide wellness programming.


Healing with zero-gravity? Lexington's only float tanks offer an experience many can't match

Featured in the Kentucky Kernel. Source on High is a wellness Co-op and Movement located on High street near Woodland Park. The co-op is Kentucky's first Float Center sporting two float tanks which house 1200 pounds of epsom salt in 93.5 degree water.

"It's amazing what the brain can do on its own when it has kind of no stimulus," said Corinne LaReau, owner of Source on High.


Woman brings 'floating' to Lexington as a way to relieve stress

Featured on WKYT. In today's world, where many of us are constantly connected, where every moment is taken or accounted for, there's a need to step back and find quiet time to relax and disconnect. A Lexington entrepreneur believes she has the answer to relieving stress by floating.

In a small building on East High Street, Corinne LeReau has created a place of peace, relaxation, and calm. She calls 'Source on High' a wellness co-op and movement studio that includes massage, yoga, meditation and water therapy in float tanks.