Don’t think about time. Let go of yesterday. Let go of tomorrow. Focus on breathing and just float.  

Don't let the 90 minute session scare you! You can always open the lid and take a breather or step out early. Because this is a brand new experience, it may take you a period of environmental adjustment before you start to notice a sensory deprived state. The longer and more consistently you float, the less energy and time needed to get "in the zone” during future floats.

Avoid caffeinated drinks a few hours prior to appointment. We have water you may keep in the tank just in case you need a refresher.

Wear the earplugs provided prior to taking your private shower. This will kick start auditory deprivation, allowing you to prepare and relax going into the float. Ear plugs will also form and stick better before interacting with water

Cover any cuts with Vaseline, otherwise, “to rub salt in a wound” comes  to life. We provide a basket that has Vaseline, Q-tips, tissues, brush, comb, and ear plugs. 

Use and keep face towel on the tank ledge to avoid getting salt water or sweat in your eyes.  

Try floating both with and without a neck pillow.

Bring a swim suit to your first float just in case.

Although floating for the first time will be unlike anything you can imagine, it is best not to hold any expectations. A relaxed, open, mind & heart goes a long way.