Try to schedule your first float to last at least one and a half hours and get out and take a break if you need it. The more times you float, the less time you need to get in “the zone” during future floats, so don’t let the hour and a half scare you.

Use the bathroom prior and try to avoid caffeinated drinks beforehand. We have water you may keep in the tank just in case you need a refresher.

Wear earplugs prior to taking a shower. This will kick start deprivation by eliminating your auditory system, allowing you to prepare and relax going into the float. Ear plugs will also form and stick better before interacting with water

We offer Vaseline to cover cuts. Ever heard the idiom “to rub salt in a wound?”  Because of the high concentrates of Epsom salt, forgetting to cover cuts brings that idiom to life.

Use and keep face towel on the tank ledge to avoid getting salt water or sweat in your eyes.  

Try floating both with and without a neck pillow.

Don’t think about time. Let go of yesterday. Let go of tomorrow. Focus on breathing.  Just float.  

Floating for the first time will not be anything like you can imagine. That’s okay, because it’s impossible to go in with no expectations. Just remember, one thing you can expect for sure is that you will leave the tank feeling relaxed.